How to use Google Android Device Manager App?

How To Use Android Device Manager? Here Everything Is Fully Explained

There are some unanticipated scenarios where you come across the loss of Android phone device. In fact it is a big loss to anyone who stores everything crucial detail in android phone. Usually, our lives have become dependent on phone to such an extent that we cannot stay away from it for even a single minute. Business runners save business critical data in their android phone and if it is lost then they start hue and cry for it. Here a solution has arrived that can successfully help Android users in getting back the android phone. It is none other than Google Android Device Manager Apps. To use this device thoroughly, make use of Google account. This will help to set it on your phone and you can make use of some other online device to track or clean it. Here we try to discus about How to use Google Android Device Manager App?

There is nothing to worry for whether your phone is in the hands of unknown guy or someone is misusing it, Android Manager is always there to find the lost phone. Most importantly, ensure to set it up before someone cause issues with your phone. Here are the ways to set it up:

Install Google Android Device Manager Apps: This is first and most simple step to proceed with. Fire up your phone and then open Google Play app. Then Search for Android Device Manager. This will make task easier and hassle-free. Then start with download of the Google Android Device manager apps from Google Play. This app will be installed just like some other application. It is better to go Settings and permit it to act as Device Administrator. IN this manner, it avails the permission to lock your phone. On most of the occasions users are able to find Device administrator settings under Security. Once this is over, you can catch the app and activate it.

How to log in Google Android Device Manager Apps and seek the lost phone?

As already said that first you need to download Device Manager app from Google Play and sign in the account. It is a prerequisite to sign in any of the Google accounts that you possess in your phone. You can easily avail the accounts in drop down menu while you open the app. Enter the password in the password field and you will be able to sign in the account.
Suppose you have more devices signed in Google, you will be able to catch the glimpse of the map with the current location; you will notice that this will help you to locate last. If you have more devices set up with Android Device Manager on them, then you can avail them in the drop down list.

You will come across ‘Guest’ for sign in into Android Device Manager when you sign in for the first time. This allows others to search, lock and wipe the device by using the app on your phone.

How to lock and ring of Android phone over Internet?

It is important to know that after you lose your android phone, the method implemented to search it is helpful if it is available on the web. Catch Android Device Manager Website soon! This website is used all over the world by every web browser. Open your computer device or tablet or any other phone and click the link to page. Within few seconds, you can make out if your phone is located and once it is done, you will come across several options.

AS far as ring option is concerned, it serves the purpose of ringing the phone even when ringer is turned off by you. First of all press the button and click OK in Pop Up and you will find that your phone has started ringing at a very high volume for almost five minutes. Else you may click the power button and make the ring quiet. This is perfect facility once you are very close to your phone or if you lose the phone somehow.

All about Lock Option: There is availability of Lock option which will permit you to set or change the password or PIN on your android device and display the message on locked screen. This is a fruitful option especially if you explore that someone come across your phone and you failed to set up the password. If some of your acquaintances find your phone then this facility really works.

You can attempt both of them with your phone by moving to Device Manager page on your PC.

How to wipe the phone which you think is lost forever?

Suppose you forget the phone at some place then you can remotely wipe the phone if someone caught phone and know how to get the password. You may give a call to your phone and your acquaintances provide it back to you. Unluckily, if phone is lost at some miserable place the chances of fetching the phone gets lesser. If Android Device Manager is installed then you can manage the things otherwise not.

If your phone is off then also chances to catch decreases. Google will send the message and as soon as your phone is turned on and gets connected to Internet it will automatically shut down and moved to factory reset. These solutions are workable or not, quite unsure but if you install Google Android Device Manager Apps, you will get back to your Android phone soon!

Understand the short n simple process to use Android Device Manager Apps!


1. Any Android Device using 2.2 or later is supportive of Android Device Manager. Install Google Play Services
2. Sign in Google Account
3. Turn on Google Location services. This help device to appear on the map in Android Device Manager
4. Install Google Play Services
5. Enable Android Device Manager after seeking administrator’s permission for remotely locking and erasing
6. Open Android Device Manager for opening and tracking the devices
7. Choose Android device from the multiple available Android phones
8. After enabling location services, track it on map. If there is availability of GPS then tracking will be easy and handy
9. If you are searching your phone nearby then set the ring using ‘Ring’ button
10. You can lock your device if you are doubtful that phone has moved into wrong hands. Use new password to lock it
11. If you are frightened that your phone is lost forever or if you think that it is lost for good reasons then erase complete data as well as Settings by using Erase button. This will execute factory reset on phone.

If you have any more details about Android Apps that time you can just visit our Android Apps section, where your can get quick information.

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